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Last Month's TONY Update: Apartmental

As a public service, Curbed occasionally visits Time Out New York's time-warp website, where articles are posted a month or so after they've already become last week's fishwrap. This week, they've offered up Issue 446: (April 15?22, 2004), which insiders will recognize immediately as the Annual Apartments Issue. Findings, in no particular order:

1) "Brooklyn is very high priced right now," says Brown Harris Stevens broker Jean Klein, who rents apartments in Manhattan
2) "The broker system for rentals has been hurt since the market softened," says a specialist from, who helps clients avoid using a broker
3) "It was for a renovated one-bedroom in Hell's Kitchen?actually, they called it 'Columbus Circle,' even though it's on Tenth Avenue," says a shocked Craigslist user, who immediately flagged the post for review
4) "I'm already finding that fewer of the luxury buildings in Manhattan are offering the kinds of incentives they were just a year ago, like free months or health-club memberships," says Douglas Elliman broker Bijan Karimian, who really thinks you should rent one of the eight places he just showed you

We know, we know. You can thank us later.
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