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ICFF Follow-Up: Watch Where You Sit

As our final word on ICFF, the Times Home section tours the just-finished furniture fair from the point of view of four random New Yorkers who know nothing about contemporary design. "I'm not sure it was meant for that," one says, after mistaking a table for a chair. Yeaaarrrgh! Better yet is talk of the transition from "college-y effects" to "adult furniture." What defines furnishings in this brave new world? "It's not made out of futon material," offers one.

Buried near the end, for those who give a shit, is William Hamilton's earnest take: "'Wow' isn't selling well. Classic midcentury modern, the space age of the 1960's and European minimalism of the 1980's and 90's are popular styles now part of the vocabulary of many designers, and generic versions, part takeoff, part knockoff, were prevalent at this year's show."
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