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Open House Hearsay: Mi Closet Es Su Closet

[Every Monday, Curbed serves up reader reports from residential open houses from the past week. If you're spending beautiful weekends jammed into small rooms with strangers, we want to hear about it. Bonus points for tales of unscrupulous brokers, digital photos documenting horrendous decorating taste, and links to the properties on brokerage sites. All goodies to]

Today, a report from the world of Soho lofts, where one Curbed reader spent an otherwise beautiful Sunday afternoon checking out high-end storage spaces:

after checking out a one-bedroom loft in our price range ($995k) that didn't do much for us (large windows are great, but when the open onto only an airshaft...), we decided to check out another open house upstairs in a more lofty price range ($2m). bad idea. of course it was beautiful, a huge open loft with views looking across soho rooftops east to the lower east side.and of course we had to talk to the broker like we had a prayer of buying it. yes, yes, the floor could use some work. but the kicker was that the broker was most excited about a storage closet down the hall that wasn't even attached to the apartment. "you could attach it to one of the bedrooms!" he enthused. at his urging, we ventured down the hall to the closet and took this picture. uh okay.... is this really what people get excited about when they're spending $2m for an apartment? kill me now.

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