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Curbed Launches

Hello. Welcome to Curbed, a new weblog that's based on the idea that everything in New York City comes back to real estate, rent and the neighborhoods we live in.

Though Curbed officially opens its doors today, we've been posting behind the scenes since the start of May. Go ahead and dig in. Meantime, a bit more about what we're doing here: New York City is the self-described real estate capital of the world, but even to those spending the $1 million it takes to buy an "average" apartment in Manhattan -- or those dropping $2 million to, you know, get that second bedroom -- the rules of the game can be obscure, and good information hard to come by.

Curbed looks at real estate from the outside in, taking stock of the highs and lows from the point of view of those caught up in it, buyers and sellers alike. We delight in tales of the property hunt: overcrowded open houses, frenzied brokers, bizarre interior decor, insane celebrities. And we go beyond real estate to chronicle what makes a neighborhood a place to call home: new architecture, crazy urban planning, hot new restaurants, welcome newcomers. (Posts are categorized by neighborhood; clicking on one on the map in the right column shows all Curbed's entries for that part of NYC.)

Curbed aims to map the city as it changes in hopes of understanding the neighborhoods we inhabit a little better. To do it right, we need you. Drop a line: property tales, story tips, feedback and the like are most welcome: (Anonymity assured, if you're skittish about these things.)

Credits: Curbed is under the technology supervision of Eliot Shepard; logo and design are by Khoi Uong; and the site is written and published by Lockhart Steele. Thanks for stopping by. Make yourself at home.