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Restaurant Openings (with a side of Protein Ravioli)

1) L'Asso [Nolita, 192 Mott @ Kenmare, 212-219-2353]
2) Gavroche [Chelsea, 212 W. 14th St. @ 7th Ave., 212-647-8553]
3) CentoPizze (pizza) [EVillage, 201 E. 10th St. @ 2nd Ave., 212-420-5933]

We're more taken with a Chowhound poster's shocking review of a meal at new-ish Bowery club Blvd.: "The menu leans toward low-carb (what the waiter told me when I was there) and the "protein" ravioli I had were awful. bitter and slimy."

[hat tip: NYMag, TONY]