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Busta Rhymes, Brooklyn Real Estate Kingpin

It was a nice while it lasted, but now celebrities have apparently discovered "Brooklyn" and have decided they would like to live in this intriguing new region of New York City. "Brooklyn is a destination now, it's not the alternative," Corcoran's Frank Percesepe tells the Post. Uhhhrm, yeah. Celebs moving in:

1) Jennifer Connelly, Prospect Park West, townhouse, $3.7m
2) Busta Rhymes, Williamsburg, 2 1BRs + studio, The Gretsch, $1.5m
3) Annabella Sciorra, Williamsburg, The Gretsch, $1.2m

Rhymes, actually, is staying put at his loft in Tribeca. But he's quite the real estate player: he's renting the two one-bedrooms and a studio he bought at The Gretsch in Williamsburg "for handsome returns."
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