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Banks: The New Residential Hotness

Several alert Curbed readers note that 60 Spring Street, the 1920's-bank-cum-luxury-condo development in Nolita chronicled earlier today, is part of a hot new trend: bank conversions. See also:

1) 15 Broad Street, formerly the JP Morgan building (and, before 1955, the Equitable Trust Co. building). Soon to house 250 condos and the Phillipe Stark lobby of insanity.
2) 63 Wall Street (right), formerly the Brown Brothers Harriman building. 476 new rentals just hitting the market, priced from $1,700 to $3,600 per month.
3) Capitale, formerly the Bowery Savings Bank, now a high-end events space.

We can think of nothing finer than working for an investment bank all day, then retiring to the confines of a bank at night. Is this a great city, or what?
· Wall Street Architecture [JPMorganChase]