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Curbed Update: Curbed Wants You!

As our first week as a public entity sweeps to its close, Curbed offers huge thanks to all the good people who linked us up, and the savvy readers who sent tips and other goodies our way. We have a lot of ideas we're looking forward to tackling here in the weeks ahead, but nothing makes us as tingly (in a good way) as reader reports from the trenches, where the real action is. So, if you're:

· Hitting real estate open houses
· Spotting or tasting new restaurants in your neighborhood
· Blogging about your block, or the city
· Following the debate on a local urban planning issue
· Otherwise engaged in something related to our mission....
Do not hesitate: send it our way: (Anonymity guaranteed, if that's your thing.) We're back here Tuesday morning. Til then, happy long weekending.