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Hamptons '04 Talking Points Memo

1) Dunehampton is dead; long live Southampton Beach! (Related: says "recovering Dunehamptonite" Roy Schneider, "After examining my own true feelings about it, I felt Dunehampton was a little elitist and a little concerned about the beach. I felt if the village of Sagaponack were smaller and concerned with minding its own beaches... I think we'd be better off that way. It doesn't really change anything, but it keeps the place organic.")
2) Target: Opens "pop-up microstore" in Bridgehampton, through July 4.
3) Gas: expensive! (Apparently, people elsewhere in the country were already aware of this.)
4) Luxury is back... Hey, glad to see Hamptons PR folks are back, too!
5) Jeremy Shockey making first Hamptons visit. Lash down your daughters, O mothers of Southampton.
6) Ira Rennert's 100,000 sq. ft. house in Sagaponack (largest private residence in United States): still not finished!
7) Early frontrunner for worst Hamptons Trend '04: The Hamptons Diet, "a unique melding of controlled carbohydrate intake with the widely accepted Mediterranean diet."