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Between the (360 Thread Count) Sheets

In a series of hard-hitting interviews, the Village Voice shelter supplement poses an epochal question to a bunch of New Yorkers: what kind of sheets do you use? Selected results:
Damion (go-go dancer): "Todd Oldham from Target. Solid green. They're soft cottony flannel, like T-shirt material."
AA Bronson (aged artist): "The sheets are Linea Notte, a high thread-count set we purchased at Century 21."
Ryan McGinley (hot young photographer): "That's a big obsession of mine. I'm really into textile design, and I've been collecting vintage sheets from the '70s and '80s, usually from the Salvation Army. Any kind of op-art pattern. I think that they're really beautiful, and there aren't really many sheets today that are beautiful. There just aren't that many options. "
Tristan Taormino (Voice sex columnist): "I just got these really cool sheets from Target. I don't usually use a specific brand, but they have to have a really high thread count, like, more than 360."
· Pillow Talk [Village Voice]