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Hot New Downtown Chefs

Andrea Strong checks in with five hot young chefs remaking the downtown restaurant scene. Everyone and their mother has heard of the Spotted Pig's April Bloomfield by now, but the others are lesser lights worth catching before their Food Network reality TV debuts.

1) Zak Pelaccio, age 30, 5 Ninth [Meatpacking, 212-929-9460]
2) Galen Zamarra, age uncertain, Mas [West Village, 212-255-1790]
3) Alison Vines-Rushing, age 28, Jack's Luxury Oyster Bar [East Village, 212-673-0338]
4) Jason Neroni, age 27, 71 Clinton Fresh Food [LES, 212-614-6960]
5) April Bloomfield, age 30, The Spotted Pig, [West Village, 212-620-0393]
· Fresh Meat [NYPost]