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How Not To Use Craigslist

"Nina M." moved to New York City from San Francisco. Given that Craigslist started there, you'd expect her to have a leg up in the online apartment hunting game. And you'd be right! She tells the NYPress, "My trick was to stay on the computer for hours on end, watching as apartments were listed, because otherwise your email to the renter gets lost in the flood of responses to their ad, and you'll never have a chance at the place." All well and good, until such methods result in a roommate, as Nina tenderly puts it, "subject to serious mood swings and... huge, unpleasant reactions to relatively small issues?a difference of opinion about a film, for example." (A nutjob? From Craigslist? Our worldview sways.) Nina's solution? "I guess I'll go back to Craigslist." The circle of life continues!
· Property Tales [NYPress]