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Frank Prisinzano, Ave. B's Cultural Imperialist

New York Press food critic Gabrelia Gershenson visits No. 1 Chinese [48 Ave B @ 4th St, 212-375-0665], the new Avenue B outpost from Frank Prisinzano, the East Village's answer to Steve Hanson. There, she finds more outrage in inconsequential detail than we've seen since our final Modern Culture and Media class on College Hill:
The wait staff, attentive and lovely though they were, asked that patrons order dishes by the number. Oh! Just like at the Chinese restaurant! When I was a kid, I always assumed that the order-by-number system was in place because most of our waiters hardly spoke a word of English. If this were in fact the motivation for the system, hearing the request come from a native English speaker sounded dopey. On my second visit I noticed embossed on the menu's cover the words "Air Conditioned."Uh, Gina, not to cut short your diatribe, but actually this is a Chinese restaurant.
· Cliche Not So Good [NYPress]