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Ground Zero Update

1) Pataki announces Freedom Tower construction to begin July 4 (Memorial construction starts in 2006) [NY1]
2) Larry Silverstein's new 7 World Trade Center already 214 feet tall... and growing [NYTimes]
3) PR agency signs lease for 35,000 sq. ft. of office space in Freedom Tower [NY Daily News] (Hey, only 1,965,000 sq. ft. to go! Gee, think this move has anything to do with, uh, mmmm, PR? In any event, do not click this link to the PR agency's website.)
4) Op-ed: A Fresh Start at Ground Zero? [NYTimes] ("The latest jury decision against Larry Silverstein, the lease-holder of the World Trade Center, makes one thing clear: the current plans to rebuild the site are simply never going to happen.")