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Photographing the Per Se Tasting Menu

We dined at the French Laundry once. Did the tasting menu, too. Lost track of courses around number 11, and the bill around the fourth tens column. At chef Thomas Keller's hyper-hyped New York sibling, Per Se [Time Warner Center, 212-823-9335], blogger The Amateur Gourmet undertakes a similar experience: the Chef's Tasting Menu (with foie gras second course, natch). The difference: he took a photo of each course, from the famed Oysters and Pearls appetizer to the Pan Roasted Cavendish Farms Quail: "Puree" of Spring Onions, Apple Wood Smoked Bacon "Lardons" and Wilted Dandelion Greens. Curbed's take: thank God food magazines have food stylists.
· Per Se: A Young Diner at a Young Restaurant [Amateur Gourmet]