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Moby Gets His Anachronism On

Musician Moby plans to extend his food empire beyond the bounds of his Lower East Side coffee shop Teany [90 Rivington St., 212-475-9190] with a new cookbook and beverage line. The beverage line, featuring bottled versions of Teany's iced teas and coolers, sounds reasonable enough (due on the shelves next month, it initially will be stocked at high-end NYC food stores like Dean & Deluca and Gourmet Garage). But with the cookbook, titled Teany Book, Moby takes it to the next level:

Moby has proposed a book that would be "part cookbook, part autobiography, part fun-fact history." That history, however, would be fictional, as if Teany had been on the Lower East Side for generations, according to David Vigliano, Moby's book agent.Remember when? Moby serving 100 varieties of tea to the huddled masses on the turn-of-the-20th-century LES? Mmmm, sweet, sweet nostalgia.
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