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Lower East Side Beaches

To aid and abet your mid-afternoon malaise, we can now reveal that the Times ran 25,000 words (give or take) on downtown Manhattan development in its Sunday Real Estate section. (Your Curbed 10-Second Summary™: developers are using post-9/11 federal grants to build luxury apartments. We are galled, galled!) Actually, we were far more taken with Corey Kilgannon's report of the discovery of secret Lower East Side beaches, given our downtown East River beach obsession. He writes:

In the churning wash, seashells mix with gray paving stones. But there is also plenty of trash: tangles of electric wire, old hypodermic needles, a rusted-out oil drum. A half-submerged shopping cart rests on the bottom. And there is a constant smell of dead fish from the nearby Fulton Fish Market, whose packing crates litter the beach.
Kilgannon gives the beach the name Brooklyn Bridge Beach, but we believe a nascent resort of this magnitude deserves better. Suggestions to (Photos, too, if you've got 'em: the Times tragically neglected to put theirs online.)
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