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Freedom Tower to Stand Alone?

More on the simmering dispute between wunderkind architect Daniel Libeskind and ageless überdeveloper Larry Silverstein (and his trusty sidekick, architect David Childs): blogger Felix Salmon believes Silverstein is willing to kiss Libeskind?and his genius?goodbye. His analysis is based on the assumption, coming into focus since Silverstein got his ass kicked in court last month, that "as far as the skyline is concerned, the Freedom Tower is pretty much the beginning and the end of what's going to rise at the WTC site." Hence, "It makes little sense for Childs to compromise his own vision in the service of a greater unity which might well never happen."

Blogger miss representation, meantime, sees another tantalizing possibility: "Libeskind might be trying to get paid twice just as Silverstein did." Because, hey, it worked out so well for Larry.
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