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Libeskind: Give Me My Goddamn Genius Fee

In this era of history, as in many others, it's a good time to be a genius. The Post reported this weekend that Ground Zero site plan architect Daniel Libeskind is threatening to sue developer Larry Silverstein over an unpaid $1 million "genius fee" for Liebskind's WTC work. As a lawyer involved in the case observes, "If you can't get paid, you sue the guy." (Oh, that's how it works.) In response, Silverstein requested "paperwork" from Liebskind documenting his efforts, which prompted an admission from the Liebskind camp that he doesn't have his time documented as such. Touché, Danny boy!

What does it all mean? Not much, the Post believes: it's all just posturing and everyone will get what they have coming to them?which, if it were up to us, would involve 12 rounds, a wrestling ring, and green Jell-O.
· WTC's Angry Genius [NYPost]