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P. Diddy Moving to Trump?

The apartment tower, that is, not the developer himself. So says Page 6, and though P. Diddy's reps deny the reports, we're taken with the idea of His Diddster on the Upper West Side. The apartment he's said to have his eye on is a duplex at 1 Central Park West, one of those created when Band-Aid heiress Elizabeth Johnson broke her $56 million triplex into five smaller apartments. There are two duplexes on the market: a grand duplex for $20.9m and a duplex penthouse for $7.7m. But why go small when you're as big as Puffy? If he's feeling particularly flush, Curbed recommends the entire 11th floor, which can be had for $14m (or, one presumes, best offer).
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UPDATE: Thanks to the readers more alert this morning than us who remind us that 1 Central Park West and the Time Warner Center are, in fact, different buildings. We knew that. Really.