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Destruction on the LES: Where Will the Hipsters Play?

A trusted Curbed operative emailed us recently:

Orchard Street scoop of the month... from what I hear, all of those stores on upper orchard street, DDC lab, Seven, Rejoyce, Kush bar, etc?the one level type buildings that dominate that block?will all be demolished come november. this to make room for?. what else, but new apartment buildings.We've been doing some digging, and Curbed can now confirm that the end is neigh for at least the western block of Upper Orchard Street. Those who now play at Kush and Rivertown Lounge will need to find new bars to call home, because the bars will be no more, demolished for the reasons suggested above. (Kush, a rare smoking bar, plans to re-open on Chrystie Street.) In related news, The Villager reports this week that one block over on Ludlow Street, a five-to-six story apartment building is slated for the spot currently held by favorite Luna Lounge. Is nothing sacred? True hipsters decamped from the Orchard spots eons ago, but their B&T brethren can raise a glass (and a hookah) at Kush's closing party on Saturday.
· High-rises, and rumors of them, in Ludlow St. area [The Villager]
· Kush closing, reopens in September []