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Townhouse Open House Lunch Break

It's a beautiful day, so break out of your office and spend your lunch break (or early evening hours) peeking into open houses across our fair isle. A selection of what's open for gawking today:

· Five story midtown townhouse, $9.8m [164 East 64th St @ 3rd/Lex, open 12-2pm]
· 10 room Tribeca "family home", $10.9m [25 North Moore St, open 12-1:30pm]
· Elegant midtown east townhouse, $3.45m [124 East 36th St @ Lex, open 5-6:30pm]
· 1855 Village townhouse, $4.9m [15 West 9th St @ 5th Ave., open 6-7:30pm, right]