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Williamsburg Cafe Culture: How's Your Project?

Langour Management compares the writerly coffee shop life in L.A. to that in Williamsburg:

Here at the Insomnia, there are just solitary units conferring only with their muse. In Brooklyn it?s all about artists in conference. The L Café isn't a place to work, rather to discuss your work, the work you intend to do, or the work you have no intention of taking on but are more than happy to go on about.

"How's your project progressing?"

"Oh, it's reached a very interesting stage."

"That?s cool."

"And how about that project of yours?"

"Oh, there's been some interest, but I might do something else."


The L Cafe may be defunct, but we're reasonably certain that the dream lives on.
· Life is Elsewhere [Langour Management via Maud Newton]