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Chicks Dig the Balcony (Turtles, Not So Much)

An ode to Manhattan apartments with balconies in Newsday reveals myriad uses for these outdoor spaces:

In Murray Hill: "Since renting the apartment two years ago, Dank has realized that a balcony, with or without a swing, has a special allure. He compares it to that of a convertible sports car. 'The girls love it in the summertime,' he says."

In the West Village: "At 1,000 square feet, the balcony matches the size of the apartment and is large enough to accommodate the full-size trampoline that Thomas and her two roommates recently bought for $200... 'It's much better than a pool because people from the street can see us jumping up and down. We even have trampoline parties with alcohol limitations for those intending to hop,' Thomas says."

All of which makes us wonder a bit about Jeff Stier and his outdoor paradise:
On the Upper West Side: "[I]t boasts an outdoor fireplace and a garden with waterfall-fountain that is home to fish and a turtle and climbing hydrangea that covers the exterior bars on his bedroom window. 'Sometimes, the turtle hides from me, and I have to find it among the leaves and plants,' says Stier."
Uhm, well, to each their own.
· Balcony Season is in Full Swing [Newsday]