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Open House Hearsay: 200 Perfect Square Feet

[Curbed delights in serving up reader reports from residential open houses. If you're spending beautiful weekends jammed into small rooms with strangers, we want to hear about it. Bonus points for tales of unscrupulous brokers, digital photos documenting horrendous decorating taste, and links to the properties on brokerage sites. All goodies to]

Today, a reader sends in a report on the most amazing 200 square feet in New York City:

I went to an open house at 96 Perry St. on Sunday and saw the most amazing use of 200 sq feet ever! Seriously the room was maybe 12 x 12 w/12 foot ceilings. But it was immaculate! The bathroom was all marble with gorgeous fixtures. The 4x7 kitchen was all top of the line w/ granite counter tops. A loft was stuck on top of the bathroom but even the owner admitted he had
given up on climbing the ladder and suggested a murphy bed instead. The
photos don't do it justice.

However, a week in the place would drive anyone insane...and it's still
$299K. It would make a nice "boutique" hotel room but you couldn't actually live there full time.

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