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Face-Off: Libeskind vs. Granite

After reading contrasting profiles in the Times this weekend, it is difficult to discern who will have more impact at Ground Zero: master planner Daniel Libeskind, or 24-ton Freedom Tower cornerstone Garnite Flecked Granite. A Curbed analysis:

Granite: "Five foot high"
Libeskind: Just over five foot high (but shrinking)

Granite: "Cut, honed, polished, and inscribed"
Libeskind: Chiseled features of another sort

Granite: $0 (value $14,000, donated)
Libeskind: Several million bucks, give or take a genius fee or two

Granite: "Will disappear from view, finally to be obscured entirely by the underground structure filling the 70-foot-deep foundation."
Libeskind: Will disappear from view, finally to be obscured entirely by David Childs, Larry Silverstein, and changing fashion trends that eschew boldly architected glasses.

Hmmmm. Edge: Granite.
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