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Those Wacky Public Architects At It Again

Curbed traveled to Berlin this spring, where all the out-of-work architects have thrown in the towel and opened bars. Here in NYC, of course, such a step is a clever career move, if the exposure heaped on Avro|Ko—the design team behind Nolita's Public restaurant—is any indication. The Avro|Ko team have lent their conceptual and design skills to new SoNolita bar Odea [389 Broome St @ Mulberry, 212-941-9222] which opened earlier this week. Though the industrial-cum-lounge look isn't as perfected as it is at Public, it's still an inviting space, especially if you score one of the plush quasi-rooms in the back. Someone told us the name has something to do with Shakespeare, but given that we were on our third blackberry martini at the time, well, er, there's some decent tapas-y food, too!
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[inside: more exclusive photos of "important" "architectural" "details"!]