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East River Redevelopment Update: Meet The Esplanade

Downtown Express got their hands on the first proposed images from the Richard Rogers/SHoP East River redevelopment, including the gem seen above. (Crew races on the East River? Far better it is to dare mightily!) Besides burying the FDR Drive, ideas being bandied about include:

1) "A beach at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge" (uh, check!)
2) "1,000 river birch trees along the esplanade" (uh, the esplanade?)
3) "Direct access to the waterfront from places like the Vietnam Veterans Memorial at Coenties Slip, possibly by a new pedestrian bridge"
4) "Retail under the F.D.R. Drive."

Meantime, what sort of redevelopment would South Street Seaport residents like to see? "Community members have suggested that Whole Foods would make a good addition to the Seaport after the Fulton Fish Market leaves for the Bronx around the end of this year." Dare mightily, indeed!
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