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Final Thoughts on The Lamp

Regarding The Lamp, a Curbed reader emails:

$1500 is the price for a NEW lamp. I?m afraid your poster was ripped off if the price for a used one is that much.

Now as for how to transport the Arco, the proper technique is to slide a pipe/baton, something round, through the round opening in the base, and have two people stand on either side to carry it (this makes the weight evenly distributed). Castiglioni never intended the lamp to be carried by one person.

Now why is this lamp so popular, you ask? It was designed over 50 years ago to address a problem that's still common to urban dwellings, which is what to do if you don't have an overhead fixture, or your ceiling is made out of concrete and can't drill it to install some live wires there. Interestingly, the design was conceived to address a rather utilitarian problem in post-war Italy when folks didn't have a lot of dough to rewire their electrical outlets but still needed to see what they're eating for supper. It's just as relevant and useful today for many of us who happen to live in those pre/post war setup buildings. I?m all for any design that makes me think nobody has come up with a better substitute. So there, Arco, rock on!

Er, any questions?
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