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26 Astor Place: Meet the Amoeba

Our researchers have come up out of the library with a report on 26 Astor Place. Images of this Gwathmey Siegel condo development going up are elusive, for reasons that will be discussed in an upcoming post. We have Curbed operative Theodore Grunewald to thank for unearthing the architects' conceptual "genius sketch" (right) and a Villager story from last fall that offers another image of the building-to-be. More amusing, though, is a February 2003 Times story that recounts the efforts of East Village protest groups to give the impending development a really nasty nickname. Some choice suggestions: "The Tube Worm," "The Nesting Teeth," "Jello Mold," and "The Amoeba." Always the jokester, it seems Gwathmey has dubbed his building "Astor Place."
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