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BREAKING: Live Banana on 42nd St.!

A Curbed operative reports on the scene just minutes ago at the Jamba Juice we noticed under construction in midtown a few weeks back:

Today's the grand opening of the 42nd and 5th store. There was a man dressed as a banana there this morning, but at lunchtime, there's a Jamba cheerleader greeting customers with a very valley-girl, 'HEY! Welcome to JAMba Juice!' There's some fun Afro-Cuban beats and some customers are dancing. I got a Jamba Boost with protein and an extra Immunity Boost in the colossal size. They ask your name and then call it out when your Jamba is ready. Next time I'm telling them it's Shakira.
This is, to our knowledge, the first stand-alone Jamba Juice to open in NYC, not counting the outlet inside Whole Foods at the Time Warner Center. Five or six more are due this summer, with a total of 15 to open within the next 18 to 24 months.
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