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The Ultimate Co-Op Village Apartment

Rounding out Co-Op Village day on Curbed, we're going shelter magazine on your ass with this before-and-after makeover of a Seward Park two-bedroom apartment. Completed last summer, all aspects of the renovation were handled by NYC-based design firm The Apartment, which was given the assignment "to turn a government housing [ed note: we didn't say it! they did!] two bedroom into an oasis (on a budget)."

Below, before shots of the kitchen and living room, and an after shot of the dining area. Inside, more photos and prose.

What went down: "first, a white epoxy floor was poured to give the feeling of walking on liquid. most of the cabinetry was hung off the floor so that your sight goes from wall to wall giving the illusion of more space. splashes of color were distributed through the space via sofas and accessories at every integral vantage point. every detail was studied to fit the owner's lifestyle needs. the result is the victory of design over space limitation."

Hallway before and after:

Kitchen and dining room, nearing completion:

Completed Living Room:

For more before and after images, download the Project PDF from The Apartment's website. And us? Well, we'll never make fun of Eastern Bloc-style housing again.
· Project KS01 Case Study [, PDF]
· The Apartment []