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Grading the NYT's New Real Estate Section

With much fanfare, the Times bowed its redesigned Real Estate section yesterday. Curbed's painstaking analysis:
· Yes, You Can Find Bargains in Manhattan. An obviously absurd headline: they even had to italicize a word. Didn't bother reading any further. Grade: F.
· Living In: Sugar Hill. The rechristening of this feature, previously known as "If You're Thinking Of Living In..." is a stroke of genius, clear evidence that the NYT understands its readers want faster access to information, ideally with fewer prepositions. Grade: A-.
· On The Market. Pro: revamped sale listings have big photos; quasi-pithy descriptions. Con: phrase "the lavender and mauve Mondrianesque wall" reduced us to tears. Grade: B.
· Big Deal: Sales Begin at Meyer Tower. Woo-eee-hula! The Times finally gets a gossipy real estate deals column! Gabriel Sherman, Braden Keil, we's comin' for you! Grade: D+.
· A Long Search for Home Ends at the Beginning. Couple sells apartment for $620,000; leaves New York; moves back; repurchases same apartment for $1.86m. Here, at last, the ur-New York real estate tale. We tip our hat. Grade: A.