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Olympic Village Pans

A Times Public Lives profile today of Brian Hatch, the man behind, reminds us that we've been negligent in reporting on reaction to the wacky Queens Olympic Village plan brought forth a few weeks back by California architecture firm Morphosis. A smattering:

1) James Gardiner, NY Sun: "I believe that Saint Thomas somewhere asserts that no two virtues are ever in conflict. The same, unfortunately, cannot be said for vices, as this plan shows. The problem, aside from a generally lackluster design, is that it divides itself too neatly into halves, each of which exemplifies a failing in, respectively, modern and postmodern architecture."
2) Brian Hatch, "After finishing in 7th place out of nine cities in the village category, they should have taken some time to reevaluate their position. Instead, they've barged ahead with the old plans."

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