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The Death of Luxury

Blogger Felix Salmon checks out a new "luxury" apartment building on the Lower East Side: "90 Clinton is one of the shoddiest buildings I've seen. Everything from the paint jobs to to the tiling looks as though it was done as hurriedly and cheaply as possible, and the apartment themselves are almost comically nasty. The kitchens, especially, are really gruesome: the stoves are electric, with old-fashioned coil elements (no halogen here, or gas), and in the one I looked at, the doors to both the cupboard and the oven couldn't open all the way because they bumped into the light fixture and another cupboard's door handle, respectively."

His conclusion: "'luxury' has lost all of its original meaning in recent years, and now simply means 'expensive.'" Jesus, has anyone told Trump?
· Luxury Buildings [Felix Salmon]