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Dia:Chelsea Going On the Block?

Now that Dia has got its spacious digs upstate, what's next for their Chelsea outpost? Archpaper dishes:

For months, we?ve tuned in to mounting chatter about Dia?s plans for its Chelsea galleries, which closed in January for structural upgrades. Speculating that Dia doesn?t need the facility (and its costs) now that it has its sprawling new Beacon outpost?and that the gentrification of west Chelsea may prove unpalatable to an institution more inclined to out-of-the-way pilgrimages?art and museum world insiders keep fanning rumors that Dia may shutter its Manhattan home altogether. And now, we?ve heard rumblings that it?s trying to sell the building. However, a Dia spokesperson flatly denies all this, and insists that the institution expects to raise the $30 million it needs for both an endowment and the cost of construction, which reportedly will begin in the fall. It?s already added something to its coffers: Director Robert Altman has rented the facility for several months this summer, to shoot a movie about the art world called PaintDia Paints Rosy Picture [Archpaper, 2nd item]
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