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A Romantic Dinner for 600

New York restaurateurs are supersizing their new restaurants, nowhere more brazenly than in the Meatpacking District (natch). "The meatpacking district is doing strange things to the restaurateurs of Manhattan," writes the Times' Julia Moskin. The stats bear her out:

1) Vento: 380 seats, plus 140 more at Level V lounge
2) Maritime Hotel: 600 seats (Matsuri, La Bottega, Hiro)
3) Buddakan (forthcoming new Asian @ Chelsea Mkt): 300 seats
4) Il Posto (forthcoming from Batali): 300+ seats, 19,000 sq. ft.

(N.B. Forthcoming trademark infringement suit from SLNY to NYT? First Safire, now this.)
· In the Restaurant Scene, Big is the New Black [NYTimes]