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Jeff Koyen: Stay the Hell Outta Lohki

New York Press editor Jeff Koyen writes with deep loathing about the people populating his Lower Hell's Kitchen neighborhood, which he designates Lohki: "Sensing money, developers headed south, and so came the high-rises to Lohki... With those high-rises come the people who live in high-rises?and their small dogs and expensive shoes and blunt-cut girlfriends and fit boyfriends." This is in the service of a restauarant review, mind you, for HK, a New American spot that Koyen designates as "Lohki's first trendy restaurant." Apparently, the people who eat at HK are also the rank dregs of neo-yuppiedom, but, hey, at least "the crispy duck confit served over a warm lentil frissee salad ($9) and chopped Mediterranean salad ($8.75) are also quite good, with more praise reserved for the latter."
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