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High Line Proposal #1: Good Weed

In advance of Thursday's official unveiling of four competing master plans for the High Line, Curbed asked blogger Miss Representation to evaluate the plans based on the details leaked by the Times. Herewith, the first report:

Field Operations, who have produced innovative and practical ideas for the region before, and DS+R, who manage to consistently find a striking formal gesture that is surprising because of its simplicity, together find inspiration in... weeds. If their rendering is any indication, the big whoop is that weeds will grow in concrete that is somewhat transparent, so you won't have to climb upstairs to see them. And not to be outdone by Richard Rogers, who wants to plant a beach in what we all thought was the least attractive location imaginable, adjacent to the East River, they take it to the next level, looking to perch one right over the intersection of 14th and 10th Avenue. You know the spot, right near the gas station.· Elevated Visions: Field Operations with Diller, Scofidio & Renfro [NYT]
· We've Got High Hopes, High Hopes [Miss Representation]
· Finalists Selected for High Line Master Plans [Curbed] UPDATE: Gawker weighs in with a master review of all four plans: "They all met our criteria superbly. Lots of cute little corners in which to score drugs?and tons of nooks and crannies for crooks and trannies."