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Meatpacking District Declared Over For 412th Time

Andrea Strong is so over the Meatpacking District: "What has happened to our once edgy, bloody, carcass-covered Western enclave? It is a trendy over-the-top nightmare. The other night, they were filming a Will Smith movie and the cobblestone streets were packed with booms, lights and hundreds of scantily clad girls?slinky tanks, micro-minis, lowriders, big hair, frosty everything, and an equal number of men wearing Aviator-styled Ray Bans shades (it was night time folks), Addidas or Pumas, vintage or Diesel jeans that look vintage?just about every bit of tragically hip apparel you can imagine." (Andrea, darling?that wasn't a movie.)
· Over It [StrongBuzz, 2nd item]