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High Line Proposal #2: Just Do It

In advance of Thursday's official unveiling of four competing master plans for the High Line, Curbed asked blogger Miss Representation to evaluate the plans based on the details leaked by the Times. Following report #1 yesterday, here's #2:

You can't blame Steven Holl for being pragmatic. He's been drawing ideas for the High Line longer than the Surface Hotel has been under construction. His first proposal, published in 1981 as part of the Pamphlet Architecture series (no. 7), envisioned almost a hundred residences spread over 18 buildings, all for less than what a decent Upper East Side co-op fetches today. This time, he invokes the late Gordon Matta Clark and calls upon his old buddy (Vito Acconci, with whom he collaborated on the Storefront for Art & Architecture on Kenmare Street) to produce a very reasonable goal of some green space, clever directional signage, and new stairs, presented via his signature ethereal watercolors. We have to question the inclusion of Matthew Barney, unless someone lets him know Vaseline is a no-no on staircases.· Elevated Visions: Steven Holl Architects [NYT]
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