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Return to New York, Rejection Edition

Blogger New.York.Groove?a former New Yorker gone off to the wilds of Redmond, WA, for the last decade?is charting her attempted return to the city, one East Village/LES sublet rejection at a time:

her: "I just want to let you know that my roommate got involved and she has a friend coming to see the place Friday night."
me: "So, can I come Friday night, too?"
her: "It would be more convenient if you came on Saturday."
me: "Right, but I'd like to stand an equal chance at getting the place if I like it."
her: "The problem is that I didn't know she was getting involved and even if you saw it first and liked it, I'd still have to wait for these other people to see it, since they are friends of hers."
Read from the bottom up?a tale hauntingly familiar to anyone who's hit reload on Craigslist one too many times.
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