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Jeff Koyen On Etiquette

In the midst of a restaurant review of Hell's Kitchen steakhouse Chimichurri Grill, New York Press editor Jeff Koyen delivers an impromptu etiquette lesson:

As of late I've been given the first glass on too many occasions. Or, worse: The waiter has reached across the table to pour the group. Or, less worse: The waiter has poured from my left side.

Shoddy service is fine for a cheap place in the East Village, but not when?

Actually, no, it's not fine. Manners cost nothing. Just as it's proper to set the knife on the right (and facing inward), even the cheapest bottle should be poured properly. Because again, that meal could be served at home, with three bottles uncorked by my amateur hand for the price of one served professionally.

And across this great land, the WASPs rose as one to applaud.
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