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High Line Proposal #4: Toxic Soil Avengers

In advance of tonight's official unveiling of four competing master plans for the High Line, Curbed asked blogger Miss Representation to evaluate the plans based on the details leaked by the Times. Following report #1, report #2, and report #3, we round out the lot with?wait for it?report #4:

A good rule of presentation design is to make sure that the 'before' state is less visually appealing that the 'after.' Given that more people probably take the visual pun TerraGRAM makes to be a Blues Brothers reference rather than Charles Laughton, I'm wondering what people are left wondering upon seeing it. A collaboration that has not one, but two, clever clever names (Julie Bargmann of D.I.R.T. Studios is a member), they want to 'return' the soil on the High Line to a state it was never intended for: supporting plant life. That's all well and good, but maybe they should reclaim the virility of the toxic soil in a place where little kids won't be encouraged to clamber. Bonus points for their Robert Christgau-esque write-up.· Elevated Visions: TerraGRAM [NYT]
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