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MePa Overload

In case you haven't read about this hot new neighborhood apparently called the "Meat Packing District," The Villager rolls out a special supplement that sticks the fork in deeper than it's ever yet gone. Among the findings: there's an exclusive, members-only club called "Soho House"; some longtime residents lament the transformation into "boutique land"; and liquor licenses in the neighborhood are up from 23 in 2001 to 36 today. (There are a dozen or so other articles, too, for the misanthropes among us.)

More interesting are laments from residents that perhaps they should have allowed more residential development in the neighborhood. Says one, "Now it seems that had residential been allowed, we would not have this horrendous condition that exists... As to reopening the idea of residential now, I said this?not as someone convinced of the fact?but just as someone who sees that the process seems to have gone wrong."
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