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Meatpacking Leftovers

On the chance you didn't make it through the 75,000 words The Villager produced on the Meatpacking District this week, we've gathered a sampler:

1) Buddha Bar: Plans evolving at 14,000 sq. ft. space on Washington St.?now a 280-seat, I.M. Pei designed restaurant (Page 6 said 700 seats); critics feel space is "stalking horse for a disco" (uh, disco?) [Villager]
2) Florent's eponymous owner on Spice Market: "Jean-Georges said to me he was surprised at the crowds on the weekend, and he has to have someone at the door. That wasn?t what he expected." [Villager]
3) Flower Market vendors considering relocating from 28th St. [Villager]
4) Rising commercial rents prompt fear of chain store invasion [Villager]
5) Helpful correction for the Times Styles section: new restaurant The Inn at old Rio Mar space will not, in fact, be an inn [Villager]