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Compass Seeks Direction

Compass, the Upper West Side restaurant with a knack for chewing through chefs, lost chef Katy Sparks last month, but that isn't stopping the restaurant's PR efforts. Reports Gastropoda,

Compass, the restaurant that just can?t find its way, is now running a big ad touting cut-rate lunches and dinners "in addition to our acclaimed chef's menus." Not only that, it includes stars and blurbs from some of the kinder reviews published before said acclaimed chef packed up her knives and went home. If the owners had any sense, they would have just quietly waited it out, knowing a certain domineering editrix who has considered Compass her canteen since it opened as Marika would surely steer a malleable reviewer their way one more time. The fourth could have been the charm.
· Compass [Gastropoda, 3rd item]