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505 Court Street: The Battle Is Joined

A few weeks back, we printed reader mail about the goings-on at Carroll Gardens apartment complex 505 Court Street that was?how to put this?less than effusive in its praise for the place. Today, our inbox reveals that there are those out there who think 505 Court is "a chance in a lifetime." For details, read on. Meantime, additional perspectives on 505 Court are welcome at

I have a totally different perception of the situation a 505 Court Street. It is one of the most fascinating properties to come on the market in Brooklyn in a long time. It is a magnificent 10 story building with expansive views of Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty and the Verranzano bridge. As much as I can understand the position of the renter who will have to buy or vacate their apartment, it's a chance in a lifetime opportunity for buyers to get a piece of this incredible building. I am under the perception that there are some improvements panned for the building which would include the WINDOWS, LOBBY ELEVATORS AND RENOVATION OF APARTMENTS. I have also been to the office of AWAYE REALTY and found them to be very helpful and open to discuss the situation with the building. After reading you're article I asked about the heating problem and it was explained to me that a main heating pipe 4 feet under ground ruptured due to the extreme cold. They had to pay a heating contractor over 60 thousand dollars to make emergency repairs during that extreme cold last winter. They assured me that the permanent repairs were completed.
One mans loss is another mans gain and I am looking forward to the opportunity to purchase an apartment in the building.

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