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On the Market: On The Road

The Chelsea townhouse where Jack Kerouac wrote On the Road in 1951 is on the market for $7 million (or, if you're feeling frugal, separate $4.5m and $2.5m units). You won't be stuck with any pesky historical remants of the author's stay, as the place has been remade as a "vision of future townhouse living." Says the Halstead listing,

This 1853 Chelsea Brownstone where Jack Karouac wrote On the Road has been transformed into two brand new condominium units of six levels total using frosted glass, burnished steel and exotic woods in a Mies Van Der Rohe/Rem Koolhaas inspired, loft-like creation. Structural elements, conduits and piping are hinted at behind semi-opaque glass as the whole house becomes a gallery exhibiting itself!The young architect believes he's been true to Kerouac's spirit, telling the NYT, "What we were interested in was stepping outside the box, being avant-garde, celebrating infrastructure, being free and liberated from convention." We're inclined to agree?nothing echoes Dean Moriarty quite like frosted glass.
· Listing: 454 West 20th Street [Halstead]
· Attention Kerouac Fans, You Can Buy His Chelsea Pad [NYTimes]