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Fort Greene's Rat Attack

Now that Frank Bruni has stopped by, it's officially hot, right? A Curbed reader emails a rat-tastic report from Brooklyn's own Fort Greene:

for those hot on the heels of the here and now, may i present to you fort greene, bklyn. home to brooklyn technical high school, the two name streets, south portland and south oxford were recently featured in 'house of D' a movie that previewed at the tribeca film festival this year. home to more than a few french joints, like cafe lafayette, a table and the patisserie on fulton st and one of the OG retro sneaker spots, premium goods, many hipsters tired of williamsburg and yuppies tired of manhattan are moving to this new 'hood. but caveat emptor: the neighborhood has a huge rat problem.
a few weeks ago, i noticed out the windows of my townhouse, several large rats romping in the garden in front-- they apparently were evicted during the gutting of the townhouse next door, so they decided to find a new playground. a few weeks later, my wife looked out as the sanitation men came to pick up the garbage. unbeknownst to them, one of the rats had burrowed a hole in the bag and was INSIDE, foraging for food. just as the sanitation man threw the bag towards the back, the rat came flying out, which elicited a huge shriek from the sani-man. (who said nyc was overrun by rats?).

the last straw came this past week, when after dinner, my wife went to the pantry to get some cookies and as she grabbed it, found herself face to face with one of the 8-inch long rats munching on it also. said rat nonchalantly ran past her arm and scurried underneath the fridge.

Neighborhood reports always welcome: